Giardiniera Lovers Unite

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Welcome to Giardiniera Town. We're Chicagoans who don't understand why the rest of the country isn't as in love with giardiniera as we are. Our dream is for this funky condiment to be as common as ketchup. We won't stop until every household has tried this misunderstood topper.

Giardiniera Reviews & Get Your Favorite Giardiniera Shipped to Your Doorstep

At, we're taste-testing our way to giardiniera nirvana. We help you find the right giardiniera for your fridge. From Chicago-style hot and spicy, to mild muffulettas, we cover it all.

Are you a giardiniera fanatic who lives outside of Chicago and can't find it anywhere? Dude, we feel your pain. We compiled the most comprehensive list of giardinieras on the web and we show you how you can ship your favorite jars to your door.

another collection of giardinieras

Some giardinieras from one of our stashes

Our Goal: Spread the Giardiniera Gospel and Increase Everyone's Giardiniera Usage

The movement isn't just about getting new folks to fall in love with it (and answer their burning questions about what it even is in the first place) - it's also about getting us all to eat MORE of it!

Who's running this weird site? My name is Meaghan Thomas, and I'm a writer, co-owner of an organic spice company, and general giardiniera enthusiast.

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