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General Inquires, Press or Just Wanna Talk Giardiniera?

Awesome. We'd can't wait to hear from you. We seriously love talking about this stuff. Best way to get ahold of us is to:

By the way, my name is Meaghan. You'll probably hear back from me within 24 hours. There are other fellow giardiniera lovers who are contributing to the site. Depending on the conversation, you might hear from back from's other giardiniera heads, Dana, Rob or Kathleen.

Do You Make Giardiniera and Want to Be Reviewed and/or Included on the Giardiniera Master List?

The goal of the master list is to have a resource where all giardinieras are listed, so we'd be thrilled to list your giaridniera. We're also on a mission to taste-test and review them all, so we'd love for you to send us a jar to sample. Of course, that's not required to get on the list, we just want to tell our audience as much as we can about each giardiniera listed on the site.

If you're going to send a sample, we'd appreciate 32-64 ounces of each kind (mild, hot, extra hot, etc) you'd like us to review. Why? Well, it's not just us that's going to be reviewing it, we also regularly hold large taste-testing parties and we'd love to expose as many people as we can to your giardiniera. We also regularly host giveaways to our fans if you have promotional material and giaridniera you'd like to donate for that purpose.

To send us your samples, please contact Meaghan to get our shipping address, which is in Chicago, IL. We're happy to arrange a pick up if you're local. We'd also appreciate if you can send us any other information you can about ingredients used, how your giardiniera making process works, the history of your brand and any other information you think our foodie audience would appreciate. You can email that information to us or just include it in a note with the jars.

We can't wait to taste your giardiniera!

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